90 percent of country’s Urea production at risk

Pakistan's urea manufactures – Fauji Fertiliser, Engro Fertiliser and Fatima Fertiliser- are at the risk of closure as the Mari reserves in the Ghotki, Sindh will expire within the next 8 years.

The Ghotki gas field supplies gas to three units of Fauji Fertiliser, two at Engro Fertiliser and one at Fatima Fertilisers which are located within a radius of 60-km producing 5.2 million tonnes of the total 6.2 million tonnes production of country’s urea.

In a briefing held by Engro Fertiliser, company representatives urged the government to increase exploration activities in the field to find adequate reserves to help avoid the closure of plants.

From a food security point of view, Fertiliser is pivotal to food growth and development in the country.

Urea production is prioritised across the world as countries work towards sustainable food production in their respective economies.

Posted on: 2018-10-06T19:28:00+05:00