126,899 tonnes cargo traded at Port Qasim

Six ships MSC Heidi, MSC Esthi, Express Black Sea, Low Land Amstel, Sakizaya Champion and Clipper Helen carrying Containers, Coal, Soya Bean and LPG were arranged berthing at Qasim International Container Terminal, Multi-Purpose Terminal, Grain & Fertilizer Terminal, Engro Vopak Terminal respectively during last 24 hours, said a report issued by Port Qasim Authority (PQA) here on Tuesday.

Meanwhile two more ships Wooyang Hermes and ST Cergue carrying Steel product and Coal also arrived at outer anchorage of Port during last 24 hours.

Ten ships namely, MSC Heidi, MSC Esthi, Express Black Sea, Daytona Beach, Asma, Low Land Amstel, Ocean Prelate, Sakizaya Champion, Cypress Galaxy and Horizon are currently occupying PQA berths to load/offload Containers, Rice Bitumen, Soya Bean Seeds, Coal, LPG and Palm oil respectively.

Cargo throughput during last 24 hours stood at 126,899 tonnes, comprising 104,980 tonnes import cargo and 21,919 tonnes export cargo inclusive of containerized cargo carried in 5,171 Containers (TEUs), (4,166 TEUs imports and 1,005 TEUs exports) was handled at the Port.

Chemicals carrier Cypress Galaxy sailed out to sea on Tuesday morning, while two more ships MSC Esthi and Express Black Sea are expected to sail on same day.

Four ships, GSL Tianjin, Maersk Chicago, ST Cergue and TRF Bergen carrying Containers, Coal and Chemicals are expected to take berths at QICT, PIBT and EVTL respectively on Tuesday.

Posted on: 2018-04-17T16:12:00+05:00