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We want to launch Equity ETF and Bond ETF in Pakistan: Richard Morin

Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) Chief Executive Officer, Richard Morin speaks with MG Link to discuss Pakistan’s Equity Markets.

In this interview, PSX Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Richard Morin discusses his plans to launch new products i.e. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Bond Traded Funds.

Exchange Traded Funds are essentially Index funds that, as the name implies, are listed and traded on a stock exchange. While we are all familiar with benchmark indexes like the KSE 100 or the KSE 30, we cannot trade them in the same manner as we do stocks. In order to replicate the returns made on these indexes, an investor must replicate the portfolio with exactly the same holdings and weightage within that index. This may come off as a particularly gruesome task to an average investor, and for that reason may seem too impractical a strategy to be used on a regular basis. This issue, thankfully, is now coming to an end with the introduction of exchange-traded funds in the Pakistani market read more.

Follow the video link here.

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