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Total Foreign Investments registers an increase of 71% during FY ‘18

According to State Bank data, total Foreign Investment reported an uptick in inflows mostly due to the Bond Issue at the start of the month. With total Year on Year on increase of 582%, total Foreign Investment went up to $ 2.665 billion against $ 390 million last year.

During the month of December, 2017 the major chunk of inflows came under the Foreign Public Investment head, clocking in at $ 2.5 billion. On the other hand, foreign private investment took a major dip of 69% year on year, falling from $ 533.3 million to $ 165 million.

Net cumulative investment for the period between July to December also helped by the bond issue staged a recovery, with total investments increasing by 71%, FI for the half year hitched at $ 3.7 billion. Alternatively, Investments during the year 2016 for the period under observation were at $ 2.165 billion.

During the first half year of Fiscal Year 2018, Foreign Private Investment, Portfolio Investment and Foreign Public Investment jumped by 7.4%, 49.5% and 145.5% respectively.

Foreign Public Investment went up by $ 1.452 billion, whereas, Direct Investment for the same timeframe fell by 2.8% (Inflow -2.5%, Outflow 1.1%).

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