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Six schemes of PM’s Youth Programme allocated over Rs 29 billion

Prime Minister’s Youth program with its six development schemes will overall benefit 519,385 persons during the year 2018-19.

According to an official source, Prime Minister’s Interest Free Loan Scheme will facilitate around 1, 48,800 beneficiaries in the year 2018-19 with the allocated budget of Rs.3.500 billion.

Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loan Scheme will benefit 3800 youth with an allocation of Rs.3.700 billion in the same year.

Prime Minister’s Youth Training Programme will benefit 50,000 youth, Prime Minister’s Youth Skill Development Programme 150,000 and Prime Minister’s Programme for Provision of Laptops 1,00,000 youth with allocations of Rs.12.170 billion,  Rs.1.116 billion and Rs.5.287 billion respectively.

Prime Minister’s Fee Reimbursement Scheme for Less Developed Areas will facilitate 66,785 beneficiaries through allocation of Rs.3.700 billion.

Prime Minister’s Youth programme is a flagship intervention of the federal government for youth empowerment.

The programme is successfully implementing all over the country through selected financial institutions, recognized training institutes, Pakistan poverty Alleviation Fund, Higher Education Commission, federal Ministry of Education and Professional Training and Ministry of Inter-provincial Coordination.

Pakistan is the fifth largest young country in the world and out of 207.77 million people, 63 percent (130.90 million) of Pakistan’s population comprises of youth. Of these, 58.5 million are 20-24 years old while 69 million are under 15.


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