Shift of ‘Proton’ cars from Malaysia to turnaround local auto sector: PM’s Advisor

December 18, 2019: Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce, Industry and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood on Wednesday hoped that shift of automobile manufacturing unit of ‘ Proton’ cars from Malaysia to Pakistan would turnaround the local auto sector.

The new upcoming market players would not only enhance the competitiveness in local automobile market but also give better alternatives to local customers in terms of quality and rates, he told APP.

The adviser said that the Malaysian big automobile player ‘Proton” of ALHAJ Automotive has agreed to start manufacturing in Pakistan in the next three years.

‘In the current global competitive environment, we need to bring more competition in the local automobile sector and invite more global players for investment to connect with the global value chain’ he said

Replying to question, he said that recently Malaysian car manufacturer Proton delivered X70 to Pakistan government as per the promise made by the Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad during his visit to Pakistan earlier this year.

He informed that production activities of Proton cars in Pakistan were scheduled to begin in 2021 as plans were being formulated for the assembly of several models in the country.

He said that this would assist the company in achieving its long term goal of selling 400,000 vehicles by 2027.

 “The Proton cars observe a lot of potential in Pakistan and as Malaysia is the only Muslim country to have its own automotive brand, both the countries are natural partners who have so much to share with each other”, he said.

The adviser said that under the joint venture of both sides, Proton manufacturer would usher in a new era of auto manufacturing in the country.

The adviser said that in consonance with the international best practices in car manufacturing, the federal cabinet had recently approved an electric vehicle (EV) policy for Pakistan which was also a step towards achieving sustainable development.

Currently, trade between Pakistan and Malaysia was being regulated under Malaysia-Pakistan Closer Economic Partnership Agreement encompassing goods, services and investment, he said.

Both countries are working on further extending the trade ties through Malaysia Pakistan closer Economic Partnership Agreement Phase II.


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