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SECP refutes allegation

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September 12, 2020: Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan has taken note of the baseless and unwarranted allegation that information displayed on its website is alterable.

This is a misconception since the SECP’s website is not a repository of institutional data. The information displayed on its website is limited in nature and the only purpose is to immediately facilitate the public with a quick response. The website also includes a strong disclaimer which clearly states that “This information is being provided for quick reference and facilitation, however it is not conclusive and is subject to further verification from the record of the company maintained at the relevant Company Registration Office (CRO)”.

The SECP’s official company record is fully secured and the only legal way to obtain authentic information/data is to apply to its Companies Registration Offices, following a prescribed process, for Certified True Copies (CTC).

SECP remains committed to provide public facilitation and in this respect is proactively and continuously working to add new features and remove any technological glitches from its website.

SECP greatly respects and values its ongoing relationship with the media which almost invariably reports on SECP’s activities in a measured, responsible and helpful way. Being a responsible public sector regulator, SECP operates in a transparent manner. It always provides information/clarifications and responds to legitimate queries, in accordance with the procedures and policy of the Commission. However, it avoids responding to random and slanted queries verbally put to it and prompted by mischievous elements or motives.

As a responsible and progressive regulator SECP rejects frivolous and smear campaigns of this nature and malicious attempts to hurt its reputation and deceive the citizens of Pakistan. SECP affirms that its data remains completely protected and secured.


Press Release

Posted on: 2020-09-12T22:30:00+05:00