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SAARC showcases 110 investment projects around the region

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The members of SAARC of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SAARC CCI) including Pakistan and India have changed plans of several projects where countries could invest and reap benefits as the region promises potential.
SAARC CCI has launched its recent publication “SAARC Investment Outlook” to unleash the true potential of South Asia. The book was jointly launched by Salman F. Rehman, Advisor to Prime Minister of Bangladesh for Private Sector and Business Affairs & Former President, SAARC CCI and Mr. Suraj Vaidya, President, SAARC CCI, on April 16, 2017 in Dhaka Bangladesh.
The study Comprises of 110 Investment project encapsulating different sectors of economy from each SAARC country.
The list of projects from each of the respective SAARC countries is as follows. 15 projects from Afghanistan, 16 projects from Bangladesh, 13 project from Bhutan, 12 projects from India, 5 projects from Maldives, 15 projects from Nepal, 15 projects from Pakistan and 19 projects from Sri Lanka.
Out of a total of 110 projects, Manufacturing and Infrastructure development sectors include 28 and 27 projects, respectively. The Energy sector has 14 projects, Agriculture sector includes 14 projects, Tourism related projects are 14, and Service industry projects are 13 in total. The SAARC Investment Outlook: Unleashing the Potential of South Asia has been carried out by the SAARC CCI secretariat.
The publication showcases investment potential of the member countries of SAARC, to attract the investment from the region and beyond. “SAARC INVESTMENT OUTLOOK”: Unleashing the Potential of South Asia” is an effort of SAARC CCI to showcase and brand the economic potential of South Asian region to attract investment and investor from the region and beyond. It provides the investors with the relevant information to initiate business.
The publication highlights economic, social and financial benefits of 110 potential projects, FDI policies of the relevant countries, identifies the relevant stakeholders and focal persons to carry out the projects. It includes the economic and social impacts of these projects and provides information on the investment requirement, the investment and economic incentives being offered by the government with the contact details of the relevant individuals and institutional relevant to the projects. This study is an endeavor of SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to provide the investors with relevant information and support the development of successful business operations. We hope this report will accelerate interest, innovation, cooperation and investment in the region. The goal of this research is to inform investors, currently deploying capital in the region, and spark further interest form those considering investing investment in the region.

Posted on: 2017-04-18T16:32:00+05:00