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MPS Preview: High for Longer

Remittances increase by 5.21 Percent in First 4 Months of FY16

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According to figures released by the central bank, remittance decreased by $235.91 Million or 13.28 pct in October 2015 ($ 1,539.96M) compared to September ($1,775.87M), however, compared to the first 4 Month of FY 2014-15, the figures for 2015-16 witnessed a growth of $322.16 M or 5.21 pct.

October Summary

Region Remittance
USA 188.26
U.K. 197.56
Saudi Arabia 464.53
U.A.E. 367.37
Other GCC Countries 178.09
EU Countries 31.56
Norway 2.19
Switzerland 2.33
Australia 14.47
Canada 12.64
Japan 0.86
Others Countries 80.10

Amount in USD Millions.

Posted on: 2015-11-11T14:53:00+05:00