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PRGMEA hails early implementation of Textile package

Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PRGMEA) central chairman Shaikh Mohammad Shafiq,  in a statement said, that in spite of several reminders to Ministry of Textile, our problems has not been resolved, as in the last meeting the minster assured that everything will be resolved in a week time.

We continuously demanding for the extension of time bared cases as the same relaxation were given to non-textile, and several reminders in his regards were sent to the ministry, but no response were received from the ministry, on the other hand we also demand for the timely of release of DDT incentive to exporters, as well as other stuck amount of the exporters in DLTL, R&D, sale tax and custom rebate.

We also demand the immediate implementation of new textile package, which was announced in mid of October and till the time Ministry has not update the software for the feeding of data. This package is for the shipment from July, 2017 to June 2018, it almost 6 months passed since July, but practically it is not implemented as yet. Exporter includes this 3.5% incentive in their cost, and worried if the Government doesn’t give this amount, they are totally in loss. The Ministry turn a deaf ear all our requests and don’t considering the problems the textile industry.

Shaikh Mohammad Shafiq further informs that shortly he is going to meet with the textile minister again, along with the Executive member Mr. Jawed Chinoy. If our demands are not addressed immediately by the governments,  we will decided to stage protest all over the country, the date and mode of protest will be considered with the consensus of Execute committee and other textile associations.

Textile exports fell day by day, on the other hand, India had provided full support to its textile sector, giving financial incentives and discount on the import of machinery so that the country could compete with Pakistani goods in the international markets, While the industry provides half of the exports but not getting due attention of policy makers, he concluded.

Shaikh Mohammad Shafiq pointed out that relief to the textile sector means relief to the people of Pakistan as the textile sector employs about 38% of Pakistan’s total labor force.

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