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Power Generation surges by 10% YoY in Aug

September 22, 2021 (MLN): The overall power generation surged by 10% YoY to 16,078 GWh during the month of Aug’21 compared to 14,630 GWh during Aug’20.

The increase in power production is mainly due to the low base and higher generation of FO, Nuclear, Wind, Bagasse, Solar and Hydel.

Source wise, the share of Hydel power generation was the largest in Aug 2021, as around 35% (5,594.30 GWh) of electricity was generated through Hydropower plants.

This was followed by Re-gasified liquefied natural gas (RLNG) as it accounted for 18% (32,895.92 GWh) of the total electricity generation during the month mentioned above with per unit cost of Rs18.24 kWh.

Power generation from coal-fired power plants was 2,293.83 GWh (14.27% of total generation) at a rate of Rs9.0322 per unit, whereas, Nuclear contributed 10.14% (1,630.19 GWh) of electricity at a fuel cost of Re.0.9986 per kWh. Meanwhile, generation from RFO was 1,627.56 GWh (10.12% of total generation) at Rs18.2403 per unit.

Local Gas based energy contributed about 8.17% or 1,313.21 GWh of electricity at a cost of Rs8.3082 per unit while 3.42% or 549.95 GWh contribution came from Wind energy at zero cost. The Solar based energy contributed about 0.4% or 67.01 GWh of the electricity during the month, the electricity imported from Iran was 0.28% (45.24 GWh) at the price of Rs12.3557 per unit while 0.15% or 24.06 GWh contribution came from Baggase at a cost of Rs5.9822 per unit.

The remaining 0.12% (19.84 GWh) of electricity was generated by HSD at a most expensive fuel cost of Rs22.6251 per unit. While 0.11% or 16.98 GWh contribution came from Mixed energy sources at a cost of Rs4.6705 per unit.

According to the report by Arif Habib Limited, FO, Nuclear, Wind, Bagasse, Solar and Hydel based power generation during Aug’21 increased by 105% YoY, 100% YoY, 77% YoY, 20% YoY, 12% YoY and 2% YoY, respectively. However, HSD, Coal, Gas, and RLNG based generation was down by 80% YoY, 9% YoY, 6% YoY and 5% YoY respectively.

Simultaneously, fuel cost for power generation increased by 57% YoY to Rs6.41/KWh mainly due to rise in RLNG, coal, FO and Gas based cost of generation which amplified by 103%, 50%, 49% and 18% YoY respectively.

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