PM directs all provincial governments to expedite measures to control inflation

November 13, 2019: Federal Cabinet has affirmed that positive impacts of improvement in economic indicators will be passed on to the public.   

Advisor on Finance Dr. Hafeez Shaikh apprised the cabinet of improvement in economic indicators, the government's policies leading to encouraging economic results and the problems faced by common people and strategies to resolve them.

He also informed the meeting of not only successful achieving the targets but also surpassing them in the first quarter of this financial year in the areas of revenue collection, taxes, industrialization, export-oriented strategy, foreign reserves, remittances, economic stability, and inflation. 

The Finance Advisor further informed the meeting that due to the turnaround of the economy, the ultimate beneficiaries will be people of Pakistan.

The Prime Minister appreciated the improvement in economic indicators and performance of the economic team and also directed to disseminate information to the public regarding these positive impacts.

The Prime Minister once again directed all provincial governments to expedite measures to control inflation and the prices of essential items. The performance of the provincial governments will be measured in how much reduction in prices their actions have brought so far. 

Prime Minister directed to ensure that essential items are available at the network of Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan, for which the six billion rupees have been already released.

The cabinet was apprised of key projects under CPEC including ML-1, airport, and other infrastructure that were discussed in the recent JCC meeting with Chinese counterparts.    

The cabinet expressed displeasure over a news reports carried by a section of media regarding inquiry commission to probe debt accumulated by previous governments. The said report was based on wrong statistics and fabricated facts.

Prime Minister expressed displeasure over shortage and inflation of certain perishable food items, and directed the cabinet to devise a mechanism in which there is advance knowledge of perishable food items that could face shortage. She expressed hope that there will not be shortage of food items in future.

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