Petroleum exports up 4.64 percent during May, 2018

According to the latest data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), total petroleum and Coal Exports during the month of May clocked in at $40.616 million; posting a growth of 4.64 percent from April’s exports of $38.814 million.

Compared to that, year on year growth in the Petroleum and Coal Exports increases massively by more than 105 percent during the month of May. The total exports during the month of May 2018 against May 2017 grew by $20.835 million.

Petroleum and Coal products exported from Pakistan mainly include Crude Petroleum, Petroleum Products, Naptha and Coal.

The major chunk of export under the Petroleum sector was mainly in the crude petroleum which contributed a total of 62.2 percent of the entire exports. Total crude petroleum exported during the month of May, 2018 clocked in by $25.258 million grew by 45.94 percent same month last year.

PBS data reveals the second major chunk of exports under the petroleum head was mainly from the petroleum products which contributed a total of 34.2 percent of the entire export earnings. Petroleum products exported during the month of May, 2018 clocked in at $13.885 million rise from $1.317 million same month last year.

Furthermore, month on month exports in petroleum products went up by 53.80 percent during May, 2018 with a year on year increase by 954.29 percent.

Crude Petroleum exports clocked in at $25.258 million, increase by 4.64 percent on month on month basis with a 45.94 percent increase on year on year basis.

Posted on: 2018-06-25T11:43:00+05:00