Pakistan’s Trade deficit in first six months of FY19 shrinks by USD 1 billion

The July-Dec 2018 trade numbers were released earlier today where the country’s exports were recorded at US$11.1bn, up 1.7% over last year while the country’s imports for the period were recorded at US$28.1bn, down by around 3%.

For the month of Dec 2018, exports were US$2bn, up 4% over last year, while imports were US$4.5bn, down 8%.

Resultantly, the country's trade deficit for the period Jul-Dec 2018 recorded at US$16.9bn, down 5.6% or US$1bn over last year. For the month of Dec 2018, the trade deficit settled at US$2.4bn, down a significant 17% or US$500mn over last year.

Posted on: 2019-01-10T18:25:00+05:00