OGDCL injects 14 new wells in production gathering system in FY 2019-20

Sep 29, 2020: The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) has injected 14 new wells, producing 251,642 Barrels crude oil and 6,709 Million Cubic Feet (MMCF) gas, in its production gathering system during the last fiscal year, ending on June 30, 2020.

“The coronavirus pandemic and natural decline in existing oil and gas deposits had adversely impacted the company’s production, which was partially mitigated by injection of 14 wells in the production gathering system,” according to the OGDCL’s Financial Report for the year 2019-20 available with APP.

The newly injected oil and gas wells include Qadirpur-14 & 61, Pasakhi Deep-4 & 5, Nashpa-9, Chanda-5, Qadirpur Deep X-1, TAY North-1, Uch-17A, Qadirpur HRL-15, Thal East-1, Dhok Hussain-1, Bhambhra-1 and Togh-1, which cumulatively yielded gross crude oil and gas production of 251,642 Barrels and 6,709 MMCF respectively.

During the period under review, the company spud 25 wells including 15 exploratory/appraisal namely Rangunwari1, Dhok Hussain North-1, Wali-1, Metlo-1, Katiar-1, KUC-1, Jatoi-1, Qadirpur Deep X-1A, Lakhi Rud X-1, Bobi Deep-1, Togh Bala-1,Umair NW-1, Seni Gumbat-1, Washuk-1 & Zin SML-4H] and five development wells namely Thora Deep-3, Rajian-11, Nashpa-10, Qadirpur HRL15 & Pasahki-11] besides five re-entry/side track wells namely Siab-1, Qadirpur-14, Rajian-10, Thal East-1 and Thora Deep-3.

Moreover, the OGDCL completed drilling and testing of 14 wells pertaining to the year 2018-19, whereas total drilling during the 12-month period stood at 60,753 meters.

During the last fiscal year, the company’s exploratory efforts to locate new reserves yielded five 5 oil and gas discoveries having expected cumulative daily production potential of 28 MMCF of gas and 892 barrels of oil.

The discoveries include Chanda-5, Togh-1 (Lumshiwal), Togh-1 (Hangu) in district Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pandhi-1 in district Sanghar and Metlo-1 in district Khairpur, Sindh province. “Preliminary reserve estimates are 49 billion cubic feet of gas and 1.5 million barrels of oil, combined 10 million barrels of oil equivalent.”

Subsequently, during the current fiscal year, the company has so far reported two more discoveries at Siab-1 and Togh Bala-1 in Kohat district having a cumulative daily production potential of 11 MMCF of gas and 137 barrels of oil.



Posted on: 2020-09-29T13:57:00+05:00