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Non-Filers barred from exiting Pakistan

PM urges FBR to revise revenue strategy to combat national debt
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June 12, 2023 (MLN): The FY24-25 budget has proposed barring the exit from Pakistan of individuals who do not file returns even in response to notices, with exceptions for Hajj and Umrah travelers, minors, students, overseas Pakistanis and such other classes of persons as notified by the Board.

At present, persons who do not file return even in response to notice and their names are included in the income tax general order have to face blocking of their sims and disconnection of their utility connections.

In case the implementing agencies do not block sims or disconnect utility connections or not comply with bar on foreign travel, penalty of Rs100 million will be imposed upon the implementing agency for first default and Rs200m for each subsequent default.

Penalties and prosecutions are proposed for entities failing to fully disclose relevant particulars or submitting incomplete information in their tax returns or failure to file return on discontinuation of their business.

Further, penalty of sealing of shop is being proposed for traders and shopkeepers who fail to register under a scheme such as Tajir Dost Scheme.

Further, failure to register by a shopkeeper or trader is proposed to be made an offence punishable on conviction with imprisonment for six months or with fine, or both.

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