National Savings Scheme revises rate of returns on products

The National Savings Scheme has revised the rate of returns on its different products ranging from 0.56 percent to 1.09 percent effective from new months.

The rate of return on the National Savings Schemes have been increased after almost 14 months because since 2016 the State Bank of Pakistan or the central bank rejected the bids placed by the banks to buy Pakistan Investment Bonds.

During the recent auction the central bank accepted the bids for three years, five years and ten year.

The rate of national savings has been revised upwards. Behbood Savings Certificates and Pensioner Benefit  Accounts have been revised by 0.72 percent to 10.08 percent. Defense savings certificates revised upward by 0.56 percent to 8.10 percent, special savings certificates by 0.77 percent to 6.80 percent.

Regular income certificates showed an increase of 1.09 percent to 7.632 percent, while for saving account it has been increased by 0.55 percent to 4.50 percent.

The Directorate of NSS also increase rate of profit on short term papers too. The new rate on three month has been increased to 0.32 percent to 5.92 percent,  six month by 0.42 percent to 6.04 percent and one year by 0.61 to 6.25 percent.

Posted on: 2018-04-30T21:10:00+05:00