MTB Auction Result: SBP Sells T-Bills worth Rs 542 Billion

    The State Bank of Pakistan, the central bank sold treasury bills worth Rs 542 billion as against bids received amounting to Rs 623 billion.
    The central bank released the statement related to auction of treasury bills Wednesday and said that banks and other financial institutions placed bids amounting to Rs 623 billion, while it has accepted Rs 542 billion.
    The three months treasury bills was sold at cut-off yields of 5.99 percent, selling 408 billion rupees, six months treasury bills was sold at cut-off yield of 6.01 percent, amounting to Rs 124 billion, while one year treasury bills were sold at 6.038 percent realizing Rs 10 billion

    Posted on: 2017-07-05T18:09:00+05:00