MTB Auction: Bid Pattern

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The Central Bank received bids for Rs.140.95 Billion against a pre-auction target of Rs.125 Billion. Most of the bids were concentrated in the 3M & 6M instrument.

Following is the Summary of the Bid Amount and Yields

TenorMaturityBids #Bid AmountBid Range
3M17-Mar-161560,653.006.3374 – 6.4313
6M23-Jun-161162,800.006.3637 – 6.4510
12M22-Dec-16417,500.006.3914 – 6.4831

The settlement date has been moved to December 28,2015.

Posted on: 2015-12-23T15:07:00+05:00

$2.88 billion

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