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Monetary & Fiscal Co-ordination meeting scheduled to discuss ways to strengthen Forex Reserves

A meeting of Monetary and Fiscal Co-ordination Board has been called today in order to discuss policies and takes steps for strengthening foreign exchange reserves, take stock of trade situation and repayment of foreign loans.  

The session will be chaired by Special Advisor to Prime Minister, Mr. Miftah Ismail.

During the session the government officials will take stock of depleting forex reserves and widening current account deficit. Furthermore, according to sources, a roadmap will also be discussed to consolidate State Bank Pakistan Forex Reserves.

The Government officials will also discuss the repayment schedule for payment of foreign loans. Representatives at Ministry of Trade will also brief the members on Imports, Exports and Trade developments.

Measure to increase exports, decrease in imports and trade deficit will also be discussed at the meeting.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqqan Abbasi will not be present at the meeting today as he is on a bilateral meeting in Kabul to discuss regional matter with President Ashraf Ghani.

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