Kinnow exports: Pakistan’s Share only USD 200 million in a USD 14.80 billion market

Jan 22, 2020: Concerted efforts are required to significantly increase the financial value of kinnow exported by the country to different international markets.

FPCCI's Businessmen Panel's Secretary General (Federal), Ahmad Jawad here on Wednesday said that total export of citrus around the globe was $14.8 billion, however, Pakistan share could not exceed $200 million worth.

This, he said despite the fact that the country produces more than two million tons of kinnow annually which should fetch substantial amount of foreign exchange for the country.

“Government therefore needs to play its role and support the industry to increase financial value of the exports,” said the senior exporter of fruit and a former member of FPCCI's horticultural committee.

Ahmad Jawad in this regard suggested efforts to help open Iran, the second largest global market for local kinnows as the export of local product would simply increase by 40%.

He regretted that no concerted efforts were registered or being made to address the situation which is thus depriving national exchequer of a sizable income.

The horticulturist also drew attention of the authorities towards favorable weather conditions improving the overall citrus yield with every chance that the fruit may easily meet export target or even cross it further.

“Orchards were affected last season and overall yield was reduced,” he said mentioning that current season was, however, casting supportive impact.

Jawad said the country was currently exporting increased bulk of fruit and vegetables yet forex gains were registered to remain limited as no investment was being made in the technologies prerequisite to improve quality of exports.

It was mentioned that presently there were many varieties of citrus available in the world but Pakistan produced only a few and this shortcoming also needed to be overcome to increase the exports.


Posted on: 2020-01-22T22:00:00+05:00