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IT sector witnesses measurable progress due to govt’s strong focus

October 12, 2021: Pakistan’s IT sector has made measurable and quantifiable progress due to the strong focus of the incumbent government on ensuring sustainable IT industry growth.

The numbers of IT companies have increased to 4641 as of June 30, 2021, compared to 1762 valid registrations as of June 30, 2018, said an official of IT and Telecom.

He said, “The ICT export remittances, including telecommunication, computer, and information services have surged to the US $ 2.123 billion(largest exporter in services sector & highest net exporter with the US $1.573 billion in net exports) at a growth rate of 47,43% during FY 2020-21 in comparison to the US $ 1.440 billion during FY 2019-20,”

The licenses of Cellular Mobile Operators were awarded for a period of 15 years and 3 of these licenses (Jazz, Zong, and Telenor) were due for renewal by PTA in 2019.

The government has outlined a vision of accelerated digitization and transformation of Pakistan into a knowledge-based economy to spur economic growth through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Keeping in mind the critical role played by startups in economic growth, job creation, financial inclusion, reducing the income divide, and building a knowledge-based economy.

The Ignite, under the auspices of the Ministry of IT & Telecom, launched a program to build a network of National Incubation Centers (NIC), in Federal Capital and all Provincial Capitals.

The IT Ministry, through NITB, is in process of rolling out the e-Office suite in the Federal Government to ensure efficiency, accuracy, effectiveness, good governance, transparency, and accountability in decision making and delivery of efficient and cost-effective public services to citizens of Pakistan.

In this regard, access to e-office suite software has been provided to more than thirty-one (31) Ministries/Divisions and fifty (50) attached departments whereby more than ten thousand five hundred (10500) Staff have been trained on the said e-governance system.


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