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Govt to finalize mechanism to implement ‘EV Policy for 4-Wheelers’

Jan 22, 2021: Federal Minister for Science Technology Fawad Chaudhry on Friday hoped that the government will soon finalize the mechanism for the successful implementation of 'EV Policy for 4-Wheelers' in the country to boost the economy, reduce pollution levels and generate employment in the transport sector.

Talking to a private news channel, Fawad said there was a delay in the issuance of an ordinance but hopefully it would be addressed soon, adding, EV policy proposals would be presented to President Arif Alvi for its final approval.

Electric Vehicle (EV) policy for four-wheelers, outlining several new rules related to import and export of vehicles, taxation, registration, and customs duty, among others, he added.

Minister for Science said that the public would be able to avaGovt to finalize mechanism to implement 'EV Policy for 4-Wheelers': Fawadil cheaper transport facilities under this new policy as PTI led government is promoting EVs in the country.

Federal Minister said EV policy will play a pivotal role in bringing this huge change in Pakistan and changing the vehicle regime from combustion to Electric will not only benefit the environment but will also bring a downward trend in prices.

He further said we are proud of overseas Pakistanis as they are an integral part of our Naya Pakistan who is contributing to the country's progress.

The minister said that all transactions came “through proper transparent banking channels”.

To another Query about Covid-19 Vaccination, he said that China has promised to provide 500,000 doses of a coronavirus vaccine to Pakistan by January 31 and the first batch arriving in Pakistan would be “grant assistance” for which the country would not have to pay anything.

Fawad also thanked China for its free of cost Vaccine offer to provide Pakistan.

He said many countries had kicked off the vaccination doses process for people above 80 years but in Pakistan, trials are in progress effectively.


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