Govt takes concrete measures to pull in FDI: Analysts

December 11, 2018: Economists, Analysts on Tuesday lauded the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government’s 100 days performance, saying PTI government's outstanding performance could not be compared with the past regimes.

Talking in a Radio Pakistan current affairs programme, they said that the present government has brought exemplary reforms and made concrete measures for speedy development and prosperity of people.

Prime Minister is reviewing the performance of federal cabinet in first 100 days that is positive development adding, basically 100 days are not sufficient to analyze the performance of the government and it should be given time to implement its manifesto, IR Expert Dr. Rasheed Ahmed Khan.

He highlighted that all the intellectuals and economic experts are of the view that 100 days’ time is too short to judge the performance of a government.

However, they say that in this short time it can be evaluated through the steps taken so far whether the state of affairs are in the hands of the right people or not. It can easily be judged if the government has taken the required measures in right directions or not, adds, it is the beauty of a democratic system.

Economist Dr. Shahid Hassan Siddiqui said, when PTI came in power, the country was facing worst economic challenges.

The economic performance of the PTI-led government can never be analyzed in 100 days only, he added.

 Dr Shahid further mentioned, the government is mainly focusing on the provision of health and education facilities to the people and reducing the high-taxes and Gas Infrastructure Development Cess on fertilizer industry will bring down the cost of fertilizer-production in the country and help in permanently lowering the cost of cultivation too.

He said, the economy of Pakistan has not only been revived, but the country has been put on the road to a sustained development.

It is also a good development that the government is making all out efforts to bring back the looted money to the country and also taking certain measures to improve Foreign Direct Investment in the country as well, he added.

Expert on International Relations Dr. Talat Wazarat also appreciated that it is a good development that the incumbent government has made itself accountable.

There is no doubt that the government is making sincere efforts to facilitate the people of the country as was promised in its agenda, she added.

All fundamental economic indicators are improving as the country’s economic crisis has been successfully overcome with the help of friendly countries, she said.

The government is signing agreements with different countries to trace wealth of Pakistanis and formed a partnership to bring the money back, adding, Prime Minister clearly stated that the ministers unable to achieve assigned tasks and targets could be replaced by other capable candidates.


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