French companies keen to do business in Pakistan

KARACHI, May 04 : Karachi is peaceful, vibrant and lovely city, along with being business heart of Pakistan, and French companies are interested to invest here in different sectors, said Consul General of France.

While talking to media-men at a reception hosted for the Swiss Consul General in Karachi by Beach Luxury Hotel on Thursday night, French Consul General, Didier Talpain, expressed his satisfaction over the law and order situation in the city and described it a good place for trade and investment.

“My French friends called me and enquired about Pakistan's environment for trade and foreign investment, I assured them it is a safe country,” he reaffirmed adding that as a diplomat it was his duty to trade and investment between his country and Pakistan.

French companies are keen to do business in Pakistan including joint ventures mainly in auto industry, transport, waste water treatment plants, pharmaceutical and cosmetics.

He informed that a big Japanese company had planned to set up cars manufacturing or assembling plant; most likely in Karachi. Around 60 Japanese companies some of these big were successfully
operating in Pakistan.

He said France and Pakistan had strong business alliance which could be further strengthened by exchange of information, and increased government-to-government and business-to-business contacts.

He said many Pakistani students were getting higher and modern science education in his country. He had visited many areas of the city and found very active society.

Many business, political and social personalities besides  diplomats attended the event.


Posted on: 2018-05-04T16:41:00+05:00