FPCCI shows concern over gas shortage

KARACHI, Feb 12: President, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), Engnineer Daroo Khan Achakzai has shown serious concern over the current gas crisis in the country.

In a statement issued here on Tuesday, he said that a large number of factories in Punjab and Sindh have suspended their production activities due to gas shortage, which may create difficulty in achieving the exports target of US$ 40 billion in FY19.

He further stated that power sector is the largest consumer of gas followed by domestic and fertilizer sector and the current demand supply gap has reached 2,500-3000 mmcfd as local production of gas depleted to less than 4,000 mmcfd, which not only affect the industrial sector production but also created problems for the domestic sector.

While quoting the statistics, he stated natural gas indigenous supplies contributes 38 percent to total primary energy supply mix of Pakistan while this contributes just 6.5 percent to Indian energy mix
supply whereas India largely uses hydel, coal and oil for energy production and large portion of its natural gas is used for industrial production.

Achakzai further stated that Sindh is the major producer and consumer of natural gas but doesn't get it complete share.

It produces 56 percent of total gas supply (including RNLG) but uses 43 percent while Punjab produces just 3 percent and uses 47 percent, Khyber-PakhtoonKhawa produces 12 percent and uses 7 percent and Baluchistan produces 13 percent and consumes 2 percent.

FPCCI President further stated that Pakistan meets its 18-20 percent of its total requirement through RLNG. Moreover, there is a huge transmission and distribution losses of natural gas in Pakistan, which is estimated 13-15 percent of total consumption due to illegal compressors installed and rampant theft.

He suggested that these losses be removed by good management and proper distribution.


Posted on: 2019-02-12T22:55:00+05:00