FPCCI demands to step up efforts to rescue Pak-Afghan trade

January 13, 2022:  Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo, President FPCCI, has demanded that the government should immediately facilitate the restoration of normal trade practices and trade volumes with Afghanistan which has usually been $1.5-2 billion per year during the past few years, said a press release issued on Thursday. 

He expressed his dire concerns over the loss of precious export earnings and losing it to other regional and international competing countries. He also explained that the solution to the issue should also facilitate the Afghan Trade through Pakistan to earn precious revenues in foreign exchange. 

Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo said that the mandatory condition of trade in U.S. Dollars is proving to be a major bottleneck in bilateral trade and it has come to a halt; and, Pakistani exporters are suffering huge financial losses. He demanded that the government should allow trade on deferred payment terms as deemed fit by the trading parties.  

Mr Nasir Khan, VP FPCCI from Balochistan, proposed two solutions to the impasse, i.e. either the government should allow trade with Afghanistan in Pak Rupees or allow it on the basis of barter trade. He also emphasized the need to have border markets with Afghanistan in the vast contiguous border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  

Mr Nasir Khan added that simplified tariffs and levies; and, improvement in border management system through streamlining procedures and policies will enhance the trade between the two neighbouring countries. 

Mr Adeel Siddiqui, VP FPCCI Sindh, maintained that a joint bilateral mechanism should be worked out with Afghanistan for a win-win situation; and also, keep the employment and production activities steady through the export-oriented industries relying on exports to Afghanistan. He added that this may be achieved through a Special Trade Agreement (STA) with Afghanistan. 

Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo added that we have apprised the Minister of Finance & Revenue, Minister of Commerce & Production and State bank of Pakistan of the incrementally-worsening situation vis-à-vis exports to Afghanistan over the past many months; but, no measures have been taken to protect the trading community of the country. 

FPCCI maintains that business and trade communities on both sides of the border should also be taken on board as they are the real stakeholders; and, FPCCI is ever-ready to play its due role in the consultative process. 

Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo said that the business and trade community will be left with no choice but to approach the legal remedies through the competent court of law if the issues are not resolved through consultation on a priority basis.

Press Release

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