Food group Imports amounts USD 429.442 million for the month of March 2018

The food products that is imported during the month of March 2018, of current financial year incline by 2.75 percent on month on month basis and decline by 16.76 percent respectively as compared to the corresponding period of fiscal year.

Food products amounted 429.442 million dollar in the month of March 2018 whereas it was 417.963 million dollar in the month of February 2018.

The food products that are imported to Pakistan are Milk and Cream including for infants, wheat unmilled, Dry fruits, tea, spices , soyabean oil, palm oil, sugar , pulses and some other items.

The data revealed that the biggest composition in the import of Food products is Palm Oil and Other Food Items. Palm Oil occupies 34.24% in the Import of Food group and more than 35 percent of the import is being occupied by other food items.

Very small amount of spices and Dry fruits are imported to Pakistan, as Pakistan is self-sufficient in them.

According the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Soyabean oil’s import increased more than 46 percent on month on basis but they are decreased by more than 98 percent in the corresponding period of the fiscal year.

Pulses imports are increased by 23.59 percent on month on month basis but it declined by 57.75 percent in the corresponding month of current fiscal year. Pulses occupies 10.31 percent of the imports of food products in Pakistan.

Palm oil is the major constituent which is imported by Pakistan in food products but it has also declined by 15.69 percent in the corresponding month of the fiscal year but inclined by 8.60 percent on monthly basis.

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