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MPS Preview: High for Longer

Fixed Rental Rate Government of Pakistan Ijara Sukuk (FRR-GIS)

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In accordance with provisions of the notification of the GoP Ijara Sukuk Rules, 2008, a Fixed Rental Rate GOP Ijara Sukuk (FRR-GIS) will be issued as per the Structure and Asset described in Annexure “C”.

In this regard, details covering the documentation and sample tender form are enclosed for information. All other instructions on the subject would remain unchanged.

Annexure ‘A’: Copy of Ijara Sukuk Rules 2008

Annexure ‘B’: Sample Tender Form

Annexure ‘C’: Transaction Structure

Annexure ‘D’: Certificate Subscription Undertaking

Annexure ‘E’: Certificate Issuance Undertaking


Posted on: 2017-06-22T17:01:00+05:00