Federal Budget for 2018-19 will be presented on April 27 – Miftah Ismail

The government to present Federal Budget for 2018-19 on April 27, this was revealed by Mifttah Ismail, advisor to Prime Minister on Finance and Economic Affairs in the press conference in Islamabad, this would be the last budget of the present government ending its five year tenure.

“The term of PML (N) would end on May 31”, said Mifttah Ismail said in a press conference in Islamabad. However, during the five years of our government, the economy showed better performance compared to last five years where the revenue collection soared to Rs 4013 billion from Rs 1940 billion in 2013.

Moreover the advisor said that the transfer of funds to provinces recorded appreciable increase to Rs 2400 billion from Rs 1200 billion.

Moreover steps taken to benefit residential users of gas, Ismail said where the price for commercial and industrial consumers  were increased while the growth in economic activity could be visible through expansion in registering of the companies.

Posted on: 2018-03-09T17:09:00+05:00