Electricity generation rises by 24% YoY in April

May 20, 2022 (MLN): Total Power generation in the country increased by 23.7% YoY and 24.4% MoM to 12,96 GWh during April 2022 at a cost of Rs10.24 per unit, compared to 10,481 GWh in April 2021 at the cost of Rs5.57 per unit, monthly power production data released by the National Electric Power Authority (NEPRA) showed today.

The increase in the electricity production was backed by higher generation from nuclear, FO, wind, solar and baggasse respectively.

Cumulatively, during 10MFY22, power generation witnessed an upsurge of 12% YoY to 114,660 GWh against 102,852 GWh recorded in the corresponding period last fiscal year.

Source-wise during the month of April 2022, nuclear, FO, wind-based, bagasse, and solar-based power generation went up by 111%, 957%, 136, 50%, and 28% YoY, respectively.

On the other hand, RLNG, hydel, coal, and gas-based generation declined by 2.1%, 6.5%, 11.1%, and 0.1% YoY, respectively.

Share-wise, power generation through RLNG contributed the largest in April 2022, as it accounted for 19.4% (2,517 GWh) of total electricity with a fuel cost of Rs16.43/kWh.

This was followed by hydel as around 18.55% (2,404 GWh) of electricity was generated through hydel-based power plants with a zero-fuel cost.

With a share of 17.37%, power generation from nuclear was around 2,251 GWh at Rs1.0/ kWh fuel cost, whereas, coal contributed 16.74% (2,169 GWh) of electricity at a price of Rs14.33/kWh. Meanwhile, generation from RFO based power plants was around 1,564 GWh (12.1% of total generation) at the highest fuel cost of Rs28.19/ kWh.

Gas-based energy contributed about 9.8% or 1,277 GWh of electricity at a price of Rs8.38/ kWh, while 3.59% or 464.78 GWh contribution came from Wind at zero fuel cost.

The bagasse and solar-based energy contributed about 0.82% (106.5 GWh) and 0.67% (87.3 GWh) of the electricity respectively during the month at a price of Rs5.98/kWh and Rs0/kWh respectively.

Meanwhile, electricity imported from Iran contributed about 52 GWh (0.4%) to the total power generation at the price of Rs17.63/KWh.

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