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Daily Corporate Roundup

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February 27, 2019 (MLN): Several companies issued their financial earnings report for the period ended December 31, 2018, among which some reported noticeable gains while most reported losses and decline in net gains during the period. The result of these companies are listed below:

Company Name

Net Profit/ (Net Loss)


Nishat Chunian Power Ltd.

Rs.1.8 billion – 1HFY19


TPL Corp. Ltd.

Rs.36 million – 1HFY19


Merit Packaging Ltd.

(Rs.109.8 million) – 1HFY19


Cresent Cotton Mills Ltd

(Rs.77.9 million) – 1HFY19


Hallmark Company Ltd.

(Rs.0.765 million) – 1HFY19


AKD Capital Ltd.

(Rs.1.8 million) – 1HFY19


Redco Textiles Ltd.

(Rs.34.9 million) – 1HFY19


Dadabhoy Construction Technology Ltd.

(Rs.4.96 million) – 1HFY19


Shield Corporation Ltd.

Rs.0.86 million – 1HFY19


Dewan Mushtaq Textile Mills Ltd.

(Rs.50.2 million) – 1HFY19


Tri- Pack Films Ltd.

Rs 165 million – Year Ended FY19


Quetta Textile Mills Ltd.

(Rs 183 million) – 1HFY19


Sitara Energy Ltd.

(Rs.88.1 million) – 1HFY19


Sapphire Fibres Ltd.

Rs.1.8 billion – 1HFY19


Ghani Gases Ltd.

Rs. 61.2 million – 1HFY19

Rs. 0.44

Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd.

Rs.2.13 billion – 1HFY19


Metropolitan Steel Corporation Ltd.

Rs.12.8 thousand – 1HFY19


Sajjad Textile Mills Ltd.

(Rs.581.4 million) – 1HFY19


For the six month period, Nishat Chunian Power Limited’s net income reported decent increment, primarily due to higher sales and lower costs as well as overall expenses.

On the other hand, TPL Corporation Limited has successfully managed to turn last year’s losses during the same period, into reasonable profits. The company earned Rs.174.8 million as dividend income which was nil last year. This was the major contributor in overall improvement in performance.

Contrarily, companies like Merit Packaging, Cresent Cotton Mills, AKD Capital and Sitara Energy incurred capital losses during the period.

Although, AKD Capital’s losses have shrunken from Rs.2.5 million to Rs.1.8 million.

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Posted on: 2019-02-27T17:22:00+05:00