CPEC to open countless doors of opportunities by 2030: SAPM

January 13, 2021: China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project will open countless doors of foreign investment in Pakistan by 2030 that will benefit the country's economy, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on CPEC Affairs, Khalid Mansoor stated while addressing a corporate event organized by the Nutshell Group in collaboration with the Martin Dow Group on Thursday, said a press release issued today.

Not only China but also other countries and business leaders across the globe are giving enormous attention to this multi-faceted and magnanimous project of mega-development, he added.

He also said, “During the initial stage of CPEC, power was too expensive because of the furnace fuel cost which could directly hit country's Balance of Payment.”

SAPM Khalid Mansoor also emphasized that CPEC is not China-centric. From their viewpoint, it is all about regional connectivity.

Apart from China, Special Economic Zones are open to the entire world. We will soon hold an international conference on CPEC significance.

Addressing on the second day of The Future Summit, Mr Douglas Corley, Founder DHB Global and CEO, Alaunius Technologies and Global Panel Member, MIT Technology Review said that during the severe wave of coronavirus pandemic, three pillars have gained excessive importance which is government vs governance, rebuilding trust and adapt to drive business with continuity.

He also said that the role of technology is indispensable to mitigate the impact of covid whereas it is the primary responsibility of the leadership to ensure safe products.

In line with what’s coming next, Douglas also highlighted the merger of healthcare with climate change innovation, date rush and the influence of cryptocurrency in the future.”

Senator Dr Musadik Malik while expressing his views during the second day of The Future Summit said “there was a time when television created a magic around all the nook and corners in the world, then the emergence of the mobile phones grasped the market.”

Senator also said that the role of policymakers is predominant for decisive decision making and anticipation of the future in the most systematic manner

Senator Malik also highlighted the significance of electronic chips which are being used in healthcare to monitor and closely check the patient’s condition from time to time. This shows the extent to which technology has impacted the lives of humans.

one must imagine the future in a different way and then devise strategies accordingly, keeping into consideration your vision and mission and by means of innovation, you drive your life towards the future. Trends are visible to everyone, what trends we see in healthcare discusses that the burden of illness is increasing as people are living longer and countering several diseases.

Minister of State and Chairman Board of Investment Muhammad Azfar Ahsan in his remarks at the concluding session of The Future Summit said ” I utter this with due responsibility that Pakistan's economy is reinvigorating at a fast pace.”

Azfar said that the incumbent government is taking all possible measures for improving and boosting the country's economy by increasing the level of exports and added that it is highly significant to refine the entire process of corporate governance.

Chairman BOI also said that the business community's role is decisive in the economic growth of Pakistan and the doors of BOI are always open for them.

The incumbent government has paid immense attention to ensuring business-friendly policies at all levels without any discrimination. Investors’ friendly policy of the incumbent government resulted in economic development in recent years.

Azfar added that BOI is taking on board multiple sectors that will aid a lot in attracting huge foreign investment in Pakistan under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Addressing at The Future Summit', President Institute of Business Management IoBM and Management Association of Pakistan Mr Talib S.Karim while recalling the time when COVID pandemic was unearthed said that the biggest challenge for the educational institutions was to get adept with the usage of virtual and online learning system which was successfully adhered in letter and spirit in order to avoid any loss of studies due to the rising wave of the coronavirus endemic.

Dr Shahid Mahmud, Chairman and CEO of Interactive Group of Companies in his remarks praised the efforts of the Nutshell Group and the Martin Dow Group for organizing such a mesmerizing moot.

He said Pakistan will become the fifth economic power of the world in the coming years.

CPEC will be instrumental in bridging the robust relationship between South Asia and Africa among diversified communities and businesses.

Dr Shahid said, “my perception on CPEC is that in the years ahead, we will become such kind of a nation on which China will depend upon.”

China has pushed its economy by fully utilizing manpower effectively and efficiently to explore numerous opportunities all around the globe, CEO Interactive Group said.

Nutshell Group and Martin Dow Group extended their heartfelt gratitude to their partners and sponsors Engro Corporation, Siemens, SAP, K-Electric, Faysal Bank, Habib Metropolitan Bank, HBL, JS Bank, PharmEvo & Ehad, NBP Funds, Al Meezan Investment Management Ltd, Hilton Pharma, CMS, NdcTech, Jaffer Business Systems, Bluetech Consulting, Hysab Kytab, OICCI, CPG, Institute of Business Management and ACCA.

The Nutshell Group’s initiative of holding extensive business summits in the previous years has received immense appreciation from the government, corporate, private and public sectors, as well as the civil society, and aims to expand the scope of this conference at the regional level in coming years.

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