Central Govt. Debt jumps up by Rs.4.6 trillion YoY in November 2018

January 7, 2019 (MLN): Central Government Debt in November, 2018 climbed to a sum of Rs.26.45 trillion, up by Rs.4.59 trillion from a debt of Rs.21.86 trillion recorded in the same month last year, thus marking an increase of 21%, YoY, and 9.25% from June 30, 2018.

Based on the provisional numbers maintained by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), around Rs.17.3 trillion of the total Central Government Debt was recorded as the Domestic Debt while the remaining Rs.9.1 trillion was summed up as External Debt.

The data highlights a significant increase of Rs.3.1 trillion in external debt on a year-on-year basis, whereas domestic debt has jumped by Rs.1.5 trillion, YoY.

The Central Government Domestic Debt reached its peak at Rs.17.3 trillion, showing a year on year leap of 9.9%, and a rise of 5.5% when compared to the beginning of the current fiscal year 2018-19. While long term domestic debt shows a decline of 7% YoY to Rs.7.3 trillion, the short term domestic debt has soared by 26.6%, YoY to over Rs.10 trillion.

On the other hand, long term external debt has jacked up by over 50%, from Rs.5.99 trillion in November 2017 to Rs.9 trillion a year later. Meanwhile, short term external debt has dropped from Rs.108.3 billion to Rs.90.6 billion.

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