Central Government Debt increases by 15.11 percent to Rs. 23.606 trillion

Central Government Debt during the April, 2018 went up by 15.11 percent to Rs. 23.606 trillion from Rs. 20.506 trillion during the same month last year. Of the total debt, Central Government Domestic Debt was at Rs. 16.210 trillion, and Central Government External Debt reached Rs. 7.396 trillion.

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) today released the provisional numbers of total Central Government Debt document. The data highlights a significant increase total domestic and external debt during April. Central Government Domestic Debt during the period under review reached alarming new highs of Rs. 16.210 trillion up 8.4 percent during April, 2018. Long Term debt under the Central Government Domestic Debt declined to Rs. 7.387 trillion, whereas short-term debt reached Rs. 8.823 trillion.

The long-term debt reported a decline in the total tally as the long-term debt fell from Rs. 8.146 trillion to Rs. 7.387 trillion down 9.3 percent against the same period last year. Permanent Debt – Federal Government Debts, Pakistan Investment Bonds (PIBs) – all posted a decline. Meanwhile, the lending under GOP Ijaea Sukuk 3 Years, Prize Bonds and Unfunded Debt increased during the month.

On the other hand, short-term debt posted a 29.78 percent jump during the month of May as it reached Rs. 7.396 trillion from Rs. 5.561 trillion same month last year. Pakistan entire short-term debt falls under Market Treasury Bills, and MTBs for replenishment of cash.

SBP numbers also revealed a 23.91 percent jump in the central government’s external debt numbers. Pakistan’s long term external debt skyrocketed during the period as it reached Rs. 7.396 trillion from Rs. 5.561 trillion last year; an increase of 33 percent. However, short-term external debt during the period went up by 15.39 percent reaching Rs. 126.7 billion.

Posted on: 2018-06-11T15:06:00+05:00