Banking sector spread increase by 47 bps in May

June 22, 2020 (MLN): The Banking sector spread for May 2020 scaled up by 47 basis points (bps) over the month which brings its latest value to 5.65% as compared to prior month's spread of 5.18%. On the other hand, the spread has dimished by 13 bps as compared to the same period last year.

In line with the State Bank of Pakistan's monthly data released on Weighted Average Lending & Deposit Rates, the lending rate for all banks (inclusive of zero markup) reduced by 43 bps as it stood at 10.75%. Meanwhile, the deposit rate dimished by 89 bps over month, thus bringing the latest rate to 5.11%.


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Posted on: 2020-06-22T18:30:00+05:00