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Automotive Sales Volume up by 14 percent in the first ten months of FY17

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Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association released their numbers for the automotive sales across Pakistan in the 10 months of the current fiscal year.

Honda fared better than Toyota and Suzuki in terms of sales numbers. The increasing demand for new Honda City and Civic models helped Honda increase sales from 21,293 to 31,639 units. The Honda models continue to give competition to Toyota Corolla Sales which fell from 48,203 to 45,447 units. In the category of 1300cc and above passenger cars, sales for Suzuki Swift also witnessed a rise to reach 3,582 from 3,325 units.

In the 1000cc cars category, sales for Suzuki WagonR advanced to reach a total of 14,079 from the previous year’s number of 7,782 units. Whereas sales for Suzuki Cultus declined owing to discontinuation of previous model and launch of new Suzuki Cultus last month. 

Sales for buses also increased reaching a total of 7,003 from the last year’s number of 5,076 units.

Sales number for trucks was 6,049 compared to 4,271 units of the previous year.

The numbers for total pickups sold went into a sharp decline. The models that fall under this category are Suzuki Ravi, Toyota Hilux, Hyundai Shahzore and Master. The sales for these fell to a drastically low number of 19,954 compared to the last years’ number for the same period which was 31,209 units.

Sales number for Jeeps which includes models Toyota Fortuner and Sigma Defender was double compared to the previous year’s number. The sales jumped from 488 to 1,023 units.

Total number of Farm Tractors sold also doubled in the first ten months reaching to 44,883 units from previous years’ number of 26,586 units.

Total number of sales for motorcycles also increased owing to the launch of new models from Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. Sales for Honda and Suzuki models rose to reach 795,580 and 15,240 respectively during the current year.

Posted on: 2017-05-12T11:08:00+05:00