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50th Annual Meeting of the ADB Bank

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Asian Development Bank will hold its 50th Annual Meeting at Yokohama meeting from 4th to 7th May. The event will host more than 3000 delegates around the world; the forum’s golden jubilee theme is ‘Building Together the Prosperity of Asia’. The meeting’s primary focus will be on growing need for infrastructure towards sustained and inclusive development. The event will be attended by foreign ministers, academicians, journalists, business executives, representatives from different sections of society and youth from Asia and Pacific region.

The event will look at the 50 years of ADB in retrospect and will also discuss on future directions for ADB with respect to addressing urban economic challenges along with a framework to achieve clean and climate friendly development goals.

A book launching ceremony will be held on 4th May that will be accompanied by discussions and sharing of ADB’s future plans and goals. The prominent elements of the discussions will be inequality, macroeconomic stability, progress on Sustainable Development Goals and financial inclusion. The panelists will also highlight the importance of private sector infrastructure development in Asian and Pacific region.

The 50th Annual Meeting’s pivotal event, The Governor’s Seminar, on 5th May will discuss reforms and development strategies in areas of finance, trade, infrastructure development and investment. It will also shed a light on ADB’s achievements over the course of last 50 years and how it has helped in the development of Asian and Pacific region.

Posted on: 2017-05-04T13:38:00+05:00