137 villages in Sindh and Baluchistan to have gas connections with a cost of 2.246 billion

SSGCL is currently pursuing its target to provide gas to 137 villages in Sindh and Baluchistan by laying a total 490 kilometers pipeline with a total cost of Rs 2.246 billion, according to an official at the comapny.

The company is pursuing the target in line with PM’s Global Sustainable development Goals Programme. The company seeks to lay 490 kilometers pipeline in Sindh for supplying gas to 119 villages, whereas it plans to lay 77 kilometers network lines in Baluchistan for 18 villages.

The company would spend Rs 1616.243 billion in Sindh and 630.043 million in projects at Balochistan.

SSGCL and SNGPL had laid a total of 6,129 kilometers of transmission network in their operational areas during the last fiscal year. The companies laid 814 kilometers gas transmission network, 4,153 kilometers distribution and 1,162 kilometers service lines and connected 104 remote villages and towns to gas network across the country.

Posted on: 2018-03-28T13:09:00+05:00