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1093 KW load approval granted by KE for MSCL’s steel and wire factory

K-Electric has approved a load allocation of 1093 KW for Metropolitan Steel Corporation Limited, for its special steel and wire plant situated in Landhi Industrial Area in Karachi.

The approval was granted on August 8, 2018.

KE has determined that the factory would have to maintain the load power factor at or above 0.9 at all times. In this respect, the company would have to install an Automatic power Factor Improvement plant, for a rating of 585.848 kVAR before the energization of the approved load.

According to the load approval letter, the working of the automatic PFIP will be tested at the time of installation of meters, for which a minimum of 25% of the firm’s approved load must be installed.

KE has warned that the meters will not be installed if the above mentioned requirement is not met.

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