SBP sets a target to raise 3.8 trillion by MTBs and PIBs for July-Sept

    The State Bank of Pakistan, the central bank announced auction calendar for the July to September period from which it plans to raise around Rs 3.8 trillion from treasury bills and Pakistan Investment Bonds.
    The central bank released auction target for the government securities and through seven auction from July to September period plans to raise Rs 3.5 trillion through sale of treasury bills and Pakistan Investment Bonds amounting Rs 300 billion.
    The treasury bills worth Rs 3.264 trillion would be matured during three months while central bank plans to raise Rs 3.5 trillion, this shows the government to raise Rs 236 billion more from the sale of securities. Pakistan Investment Bonds would be matured worth Rs 772 billion while auction target is Rs 300 billion.

    Posted on: 2017-07-05T14:36:00+05:00