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Planning Ministry to host Turn Around Conference

June 26, 2022: The Ministry of Planning Development & Special Initiatives is all set to host Turn Around Conference (TAC) with an objective of gathering the nation together to find solutions to the country’s current socio- economic issues. These solutions would be aimed at short term results; if substantial these due deliverance compact ideas can be extended  on to mid and long term objectives.
The conference will be held on June 28 at Convention Center which will be graced by  Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif as chief Guest. The prime objective of the conference is to engage all the relevant stakeholders which hold the development sector together from across the nation.

 “The aim is to take input, understand and resolve hurdles in Economic  Growth in order to place country’s economy back on track” , said the Federal Minister for Planning Development & Special Initiatives, Professor Ahsan Iqbal.

Currently, Pakistan is facing many external and internal challenges which are further compounded by the existing commodity super-  cycle and geo-political situation. As the economic growth does  not offer  enough opportunities for national progress, short-term measures  can act as a catayst for speeding up the growth.

Current  Socio-economic landscape of Pakistan calls for tactical solutions to address  Economic problems. Hence, A quick round of wider and inclusive consultations of experts belong from diversified fields can be helpful in providing solutions to come out of this economic quagmire.

The government has already taken necessary short-term actions to stabilize the economy and deal with the looming balance of payments crisis. However, the government’s focus is to ferret out  the medium to long-term solutions  to optimise country's economy to tap its full potential   in line with Vision 2025.

Moreover, participation of  stakeholders from all walks  of life is ensured including  representatives of Political Parties, Federal Ministries, Provincial Governments, National and International Private Sector Entrepreneurs, International Development and Financial Institutions, Academia, Think Tanks, Independent Experts, NGOs and other parts of Civil society of the country to produce result oriented and focused solutions for bringing a turnaround in the economy of Pakistan.

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