PIA’s sale mounts to Rs 9.5 billion in Oct after system change

November 23, 2018: After shifting from SABRE to the next generation Passenger Services System (PSS) HIT IT, the value of sales of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) reached approximately Rs.9.5 billion in October.

According to a PIA official, the national airlines shifted from SABRE to HIT IT on September 12.

PIA was using the old system SABRE from last 18 years, but now as the information technology has totally changed in past few years offering even more opportunities for better customer service therefore shifting to HIT IT was a good step on part of PIA, he said.

He said PIA’s new PSS will not only help the airline upgrade its technology to meet global benchmarks, but will also help streamline its operations, augment its service offerings, reduce costs by half at least and will create opportunities and improve PIA’s passenger experience.

The official said PIA employees are getting control and expertise of the new system with every passing day and the operational efficiency is improving fast.

In October 2018, a total of 13,292 flights were operating and not even a single flight was cancelled due to system change, he said.

He said the value of sales were approximately Rs.9.5 billion in October and a total of 5,61,778 tickets were sold in the system.


Posted on: 2018-11-23T15:04:00+05:00