Phase-II study on shale gas, oil to be conducted in potential areas

February 14, 2019: Following identification of massive shale gas and oil deposits in lower and middle Indus Basin, the second phase of the survey would be launched in other potential areas to assess the sedimentary rock-based fuel reserves in the country.

 “A study carried out by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has revealed the presence of 95 trillion cubic feet (TCF) gas and 14 billion barrels oil technically recoverable in Indus Basin. While, the study for remaining parts of the country will be conducted in Phase-II,” an official source privy to the petroleum sector developments said.

He said the country needed assistance of interested Exploration and Production (E&P) companies in this field to economically exploit these non-conventional hydrocarbon resources.

Answering a question, the official said an innovative and radical Shale gas policy was being prepared for onward submission to the quarters concerned to get final approval.

In 2015, he said, a study completed in cooperation with the USAID had confirmed presence of 10,159 TCF Shale gas and 2,323 billion of stock tank barrels Shale oil in place resources.

After identification of the deposits, a task had been given to Oil and Gas Development Company Limited and Pakistan Petroleum Limited to undertake pilot project(s) in potential areas to determine the cost of extracting Shale gas and oil, which could not be launched to date.

The study covered lower and middle Indus Basin, which geographically spreads over Sindh, southern parts of Punjab and eastern parts of Balochistan. Total area under the study was 271,700km, which is 33 percent of the total sedimentary area of the country.

During the study, a detailed analysis of 124 wells was carried out, including laboratory analysis on Shale cores and cuttings in the United States. Objectives of the study were to validate Shale gas resource estimate, initial findings, assess availability of required technology and infrastructure for Shale gas operations and formulate guidelines for the Shale gas policy.

After the deposits’ identification, a dedicated Shale gas and oil center has been established at the Petroleum House to facilitate interested E&P companies to exploit the potential.


Posted on: 2019-02-14T14:03:00+05:00