Pakistan to launch BWP for textile, apparel sector

March 17, 2022 (MLN): Pakistan is all set to launch the Better Work Program (BWP) soon which will enable the country in achieving decent work standards, especially in the export-oriented Textiles and Apparel sector, said a report issued by the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) today.

The report “GSP+ Insights Pakistan” further revealed that the country is co-funding ILO BWP through Export Development Fund, with support from European Commission.

According to the statistics mentioned in a report, Pakistan’s exports to the EU have increased from 3.56 billion Euros in 2013 to 6.64 billion Euros in 2021, registering an increase of 86%.

While Pakistan’s imports from the EU member states have also increased from 3.31 billion Euros in 2013 to 5.59 billion Euros in 2021, which represents an increase of 69%.

To note, EU GSP Plus is a mutually beneficial arrangement leading to exports increase for both Pakistan and the EU.

GSP Plus has played an important role in the expansion of bilateral trade. Meanwhile, this increased bilateral trade led to more jobs, better working conditions, promotion of sustainable policies overall improvement of macroeconomic indicators for Pakistan.

EU’s exports to Pakistan, since 2013, have increased substantially in many sectors including machinery (49%) Iron & Steel (114%) Pharmaceuticals (143%) Plastics (79 % ) and medical measuring instruments (45%).

In terms of country-wise exports to EU member states, there are 12 EU Member states in which Pakistan’s exports have increased by more than 100% including Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Denmark, Ireland, Cyprus, Spain, Netherlands, etc.

GSP Plus played a key role in Pakistan’s trajectory to a greener future. It led to devising legislative instruments and taking policy actions for a greener and cleaner Pakistan. The report stated that the country has achieved SDG 13 ‘Climate Action’ target 10 years ahead of time. The environmental protection bill has been passed.

Highlighting Pakistan’s commitment to zero carbon emissions, the report stated that 20 textile and apparel companies are leading Pakistan’s first-ever net-zero coalition to reach zero net carbon emissions by 2050.

GSP Plus has strengthened Pakistan’s commitment to further improve decent work standards and labour rights. In 2021, the Government of Punjab increased the minimum wage by 10%  while the KP government raised it by 20%, the report noted.

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