Pakistan State Oil owes Rs. 71 billion to Kuwait Petroleum

In a new revelation, it has been notified that Pakistan State Oil has to pay Rs. 71 billion to Kuwait petroleum ‎against oil imports.

In addition to the amount owed to Kuwaiti Petroleum, PSO has to pay Rs. 16 billion to Oil Refineries with in Pakistan.

Pakistan State Oil supplies the imported oil on to the Electricity Generation and Power companies. These Electricity generation and other companies‎ owe nearly Rs. 296 billion to PSO.

Major debtors of this domestic debt for Pakistan State Oil include; HUBCO and Kot Adu, both owe Rs. 110 billion to PSO.

Electricity generation companies or GENCOs owe Rs. 151 billion to the State Owned OMC, Pakistan State Oil.

Posted on: 2017-10-11T10:17:00+05:00