Pakistan has yet to pay $9.3 billion in debt repayments in FY19

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Pakistan has yet to pay around $9.3 billion for debt servicing in the Fiscal year 2019, according to sources in the Finance Ministry. The figure includes payments for both debt repayments and interest payments.

These upcoming payments are far greater than the $7.4 billion paid off for debt and interest payments in the previous fiscal year (2017-18), the figure for which was released by the State Bank of Pakistan a few days ago.

$5.2 billion worth of this these payments were used for debt repayments, while the remainder amount of $2.2 billion was used for interest payments.

In the same year, the country paid $0.74 billion less in debt repayments than the financial year before that (2016-17) when the country had paid $8.14 billion for the partial repayment of its loans and interests.

Posted on: 2018-08-17T11:25:00+05:00


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