NEPRA releases Performance Evaluation Report for K-Electric

November 20, 2019: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) recently released its ‘Performance Evaluation Report’ for K-Electric Company, in light of the PSTR 2005.

According to the report, the total outages hours recorded at all interconnection points were 3.37 during the year FY18, indicating a 52.5% decrease in comparison to the preceding year’s 7.10 hours. Number of interconnection points remained the same.

The average duration of interruption per interconnection point during the reported period remained 0.48 hours (29 minutes). This indicates a 52.5% decrease over the previous year’s 1.01 hours.

Regarding System Frequency of Interruption, the report stated that a total of 8 number of outages were recorded during the year, which indicates 20% decrease over the previous year i.e. 10. Moreover, the number of 132 kV outgoing circuits remained the same as compared to preceding year.

The average number of interruptions per circuit during the reported period remained 0.24, indicating 20% decrease in comparison to the preceding year’s 0.30.

In order to gauge system security, the estimates of total energy not served (ENS) during the reported period were also analyzed. And hence, the total ENS as reported by KE were 2.585 million kWh. Based on the average energy sale rate of KE, the financial impact of 2.585 million kWh, amounts to approximately Rs. 33.1 million.

With respect to Quality of Supple and System Voltage, the report said that the voltage violations increased by 71.4% in 2018 as compared to preceding year. Further, no violation occurred at 220 kV level both under normal and N-1 conditions and at 132 kV level, limits were violated under N-1 condition only.

The data submitted by KE was analyzed and it was revealed that a total of 5 times frequency remained outside the prescribed limits and that comes out to be approximately 0.0078% of the reported period. The number of violations remained the same as that of preceding year.

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