NBP launches Workers Foree Remittance Account

March 18, 2019: National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), as per directive of Government of Pakistan, has launched Workers Foree Remittance Account to facilitate Pakistani emigrants going abroad for work purpose.

NBP has arranged a launching ceremony of “Workers Foree Remittance Account” at the newly opened sub-branch located at Protectorate of Emigrants Office, Karachi, says a press release released by NBP on Monday.

Workers Foree Remittance Account is a full feature bank account available in current and PLS product types, which will be opened within minutes.

This account is bundled with a robust NBP Digital App, two EMV/Chip based debit cards and a strong referral system at overseas locations to provide value-added services.

In order to make this facility conveniently available, NBP was opening Sub-Branches at all seven Protectorate Offices across the country and establishing dedicated counters at 25 nearby branches.

Collection services for various associated fees will also be provided at these facilities, making them a one stop solution.

The aim was to ensure that all Pakistani workers going abroad have access to banking facilities which will enable them use legal channels for sending home remittances and contribute towards the national cause while enjoying safety, convenience and reliability offered by the NBP at highly competitive rates.


Posted on: 2019-03-18T17:09:00+05:00