Juwai IQI launches Juwai.asia, the First Global Real Estate Portal for Asian Buyers

May 20, 2020: Juwai IQI today announced the launch of Juwai.asia, the first global portal for non-China Asian consumers who want to purchase real estate almost anywhere in the world.

Chinese buyers are already served by the company’s existing portal, Juwai.com, which since 2011 has become the largest Chinese portal for international real estate. Via the two portals, Juwai.asia and Juwai.com, Juwai IQI markets some 6 million listings per year from 91 countries to more than 3.3 million monthly users.

After the Chinese, other Asians are the most active cross-border real estate buyers in the world. Cross-border buyers —mostly from Asia— purchased 500,000 homes in the G7 countries alone in 2019, worth an aggregate value of US$250 billion.

While the largest number of cross-border property buyers do originate in mainland China, significant numbers also come from the Chinese territories of Hong Kong and Taiwan, and Singapore, India, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia.

In the UAE, Asian buyers from India, China, and Pakistan are the most numerous foreign property investors, apart from those from other Persian Gulf countries.

Asians invest US$6.23 billion per year into Dubai alone, according to the most recent official data from the Dubai Land Department.

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Posted on: 2020-05-20T13:19:00+05:00